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Scientifically proven fat loss using HIFU technology

HIFU technology (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a non-surgical treatment that shapes the body, using high-intensity focused ultrasound to disrupt fat cells transdermally.

A recent publication in the scientific journal, "Seminars in cutaneous medicine and surgery," shows that this particular technology applies energy to the surface of the skin at a relatively low intensity, but provides an intense energy focus on subcutaneous fat. On the surface of the skin, the energy applied is low, to avoid inflammation. By focusing the ultrasound beams at specific depths under the skin, and combining this with proprietary application techniques, the result is a breakdown of fat tissue. Once the fat cells are disrupted, this results in chemical signals that activate the body's inflammatory response. Macrophage cells are attracted to the area where the treatment is applied, and here they transport lipids and products of cell metabolism, resulting in a total decrease in the volume of local fat tissue.

Clinical and histological studies show exactly what happens under the skin. Histological studies have clearly shown that fat cells are disturbed by HIFU. The correlation between focal depth, energy levels and clinical outcomes is evident. The mean decrease in circumference after treatment in the abdomen and waist is approximately 4-5cm. According to this study, HIFU is a safe and effective technique for non-surgical sculpting of the body by reducing fat deposits.

At SYMMETRIA, HIFU technology is applied to various parts of the body, including the belly, hips and arms. For more information, you can speak to SYMMETRIA's scentific team.

Source: High-intensity focused ultrasound effectively reduces adipose tissue, Fatemi A1. Seminars in cutaneous medicine 2009 Dec;28(4):257-62. doi: 10.1016/j.sder.2009.11.005.

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