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Surprise gift from Symmetria

The New Year comes with gifts and surprises from Symmetria, exclusively for you! You now have a chance to win a facial treatment, normally priced at €90-330, for just €50. How? By purchasing a €50 coupon from our front desk or website (via credit card or debit), you will get one of the following facial treatments (selected at random):
- Microdermabrasion with crystals (worth €150)
- Skin tightening facial with Laser ST (worth €330)
- Facial (worth €90)
- Treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid (worth €110)
- Ultra Shine treatment (worth €100)
- Silk & Rotative RF rejuvenating treatment (worth €150)
- Mesotherapy & Rotative RF treatment (worth €150)
- Peeling & ozone therapy (worth €150)
- Photorejuvenation with Laser ST (worth €330)
- Treatment with anti-aging mask (worth €150)
- Treatment with hyaluronic acid (worth €130)

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