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The hairstyle and colour that will make you look younger

Hair surrounds our face, and can therefore play a key role in making us look younger, depending on the haircut, hairstyle and colour we choose.

"A change in our hair and therefore our image is necessary," says George Petrakis, owner of Gemini Hairartists. "Refresh your hair with the right style that suits your personality, giving it an air of youth and liveliness." Moreover, a small change in our hair can make us look younger. Generally, as we grow older, it's best to opt for shorter rather than longer hair, as well as lighter, warmer shades that offer a more youthful look. A haircut that takes years off our face is bangs. Having thick hair also makes us appear more youthful, as well as the colour we choose. For brunettes, some caramel coloured highlights can give a fresh glow to our face, as well as soften any expression lines. For blondes, a slightly darker base with lighter highlights can give a bright look".

Giorge Petrakis

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