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Tips for autumn skincare

This time of year, following the sunny summer days and the coming of colder temperatures, the needs of our skin completely change. Thorough cleansing and rich hydration are the most basic steps in daily care. So, we need to select the right products to help rebuild and reinforce the skin, to make it more resistant to cold weather.

To clean the skin (morning & evening), use a gentle cleanser that does not contain soap.

SYMMETRIA recommends using cleansers packed with vitamins, such as vitamins Α,Ε,C and fruit extracts such as apple, pineapple, papaya and ginseng. A good cleanser will clean the skin and remove impurities and sebum without affecting the natural oils in the skin. Fruit extracts rejuvenate and give you a healthy glow. 

For daily hydration use a light moisturiser, rich in hydrating ingredients, and avoid products that contain retinoids and scents. 

SYMMETRIA recommends using a moisturiser that contains vitamins. A moisturiser that offers deep hydration and reconstructive action will increase circulation in the skin, boost its elasticity, and contribute to collagen production.

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