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What changes when it comes to makeup while wearing a mask

As long as the use of protective masks are mandatory, the makeup standards shift.

When it comes to makeup and wearing a mask, emphasis should be placed on the eyes, as this is the feature of the face that remains completely uncovered.

After moisturizing or applying an anti-aging cream, use a waterproof foundation, a transparent powder and a concealer, to cover any imperfections.

Accentuate the eyes with simple, light and comfortable makeup. Start by applying a nude eye shadow on the upper eyelid. Use peach eye shadow to accentuate the eye crease. Fill in the upper eyelid with a red-pink shade. Use dark brown or black shadow to emphasize the upper and lower lash line.

To give more depth to the look, choose soft, smokey eye makeup with pink-gold shades. Finally, apply lashes with two coats of mascara, for a more intense look.

Take note that eyebrows should always be in shape. A thin pencil or a light shadow will help you with this.

Last but not least, as the lips remain covered,focus instead on keeping them hydrated with a moisturizing balm.

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