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Rafaella Simou introduces us to the world of reiki

Reiki is an alternative method that uses the energy of the universe to achieve wellness and treatment of the body and soul. Rafaella Simou introduces us to the world of reiki.

"Reiki reminds me of my first steps in spirituality. It was the perfect opportunity to become more curious about who I truly am. At the age of 18, I began my journey towards spirituality, following my mother's encouragement and my drive towards personal development. At the age of 24, during the time I was studying at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, I have been certified as a Reiki Master and have participated in PranicHealing and ThetaHealing seminars. In addition to the hours I spend teaching or healing, I also train daily, with 2 hours of yoga practice and meditation every evening.

Reiki is known to be a very powerful tool for therapy. There are three levels, which are given as an initiation from the teacher to the student. Placing the palms a few centimetres from the body (ours, or the person's to be treated), we "scan" the energy levels and focus on areas with congested energy, or areas that need strengthening. Our bodies are the channels that allow the energy of the universe to flow, and our hands work as agents, sending the right amount of energy where it is needed. Every reiki healer has the ability to heal themselves as well as others. When you are initiated into reiki, even if years go by without you using it, your connection with the energy of the universe continues to exist.

My goal is to share the love of the universe, unity and joy in every treatment session, with every person I treat. The miracle of reiki comes to life when you begin to unlock parts of yourself through self-therapy, and finding the light every time you help to treat an emotion, an energy blockage or even pain in the physical body. It gives you the spirituality that has been taken from you by your daily routine.



Rafaella Simou

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