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Working out at home

Many strength training exercises can be done in the comfort of your home without any special equipment. Just use a broomstick and attach four 1-litre bottles of water on each side.


  • Front arm raises
  • Arm raises with the bar behind the neck
  • Arm raises with the bar in front of the chest
  • Lifting the bar with a closed grip
  • Standing row with bent torso
  • Deadlifts
  • Lie on the floor and do an elbow extension with the broomstick

Use two 1-litre bottles or two bottles of laundry detergent


  • Alternate front arm raises
  • Simultaneous lateral arm lifts with the torso bent
  • Simultaneous front arm raises in an upright sitting position
  • Shoulder press
  • Elbow extensions
  • Elbow curls

Use a mat or towel and lie on the floor


  • Sit ups
  • Scissor kicks
  • Superman
  • Knee pulls towards the chest
  • Alternate Romanian twists
  • Plank

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