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4 Tips to enjoy festive food without any guilt!

In order to make sure that you will enjoy Christmas to the full this year, two of our scientific experts, Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist Irene Christaki, MSc., PhD. and Clinical Nutritionist Daniel Kapsis, MSc., PhD., are here to help you prepare for the festive meals that are coming up in the best way possible - guilt- free - using 4 simple rules:

  1. Enjoy every bite of your food during the festive meals. Slow and conscious eating helps you to sense when you are full and therefore avoid unconscious eating that will make you feel bloated.
  2. Make sure to take a short walk after your meal or help your friends and family to clean up the table. Taking a walk after finishing your meal will help you to digest your food better.
  3. Remember to include a food that boosts the good bacteria in your intestine to your meal. Examples of these foods are foods high in fibre - as they provide nutrition for probiotics - as well as fermented vegetables and dairy such as cheese, beer, sauerkraut and olives. It is a good habit to fill half your plate with vegetables or fruits such as pomegranate, which is in season.
  4. Offer hot drinks made with ginger and cinnamon to your friends, and serve these after the meal. Ginger helps with digestion while Ceylon cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar and protects you against cravings.

Merry Christmas!

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