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5 alternative tips for quick post-holiday weight loss

Christmas and New Year's celebrations are usually a hallmark of the impact that a 'naughty' diet can have on our bodies. Even though most of us have read about how to lose the extra weight, it is often difficult to make these changes successfully.

SYMMETRIA's team of dieticians has prepared 5 alternative ways to help you lose those extra holiday pounds. 

The 10 minute rule
After consecutive days of eating sugary and fatty food, it is natural that our hormones will react to any changes we try to make to our diet. So, if you feel hungry, don't go straight to the kitchen, but wait for 10 minutes to pass. Studies have shown that this time period can often help you to forget about your cravings.

Small changes
Making small daily changes, such as eating more lean meats, walking for 30 minutes or limiting your consumption of desserts, are highly effective. We can easily fall into the trap of limiting ourselves to a very demanding workout schedule and strict diet, when in fact small changes can also do wonders.

Remove 1/3 of restaurant portions
If you are dining out, based on the fact that restaurant meals are more calorie-heavy, we recommend removing 1/3 of the food from your plate. Ask if you can take it home with you, and enjoy it for your next meal. This tip can help you to eat around 400 Kcal less per day.

Eat at the table
Eating in front of the TV or having a quick snack standing up leads to a higher calorie intake. Serve yourself a portion of food and sit at the table to enjoy it without any distractions.

Get enough rest
Insufficient rest (<6 hours per day) on a chronic basis, reduces basal metabolism by up to 30%. Try to organize your schedule so that you allow your body to get adequate rest. For the ‘’hard night time sleepers’’ try different herbal drinks that can help you relax.

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