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Ciao Carb rice: Fewer carbs, more protein

How many times have you wondered why all of the most delicious foods belong in the 'in moderation' category? We understand this question, and we have the perfect solution for you to incorporate your favorite starchy foods into your diet. Innovative Italian company Ciao Carb offers a variety of products, including the very tasty Ciao Carb rice.

This rice contains one third of the carbohydrate content of regular rice, while its fibre content is ten times greater. Although rice is not naturally considered a good protein source, as it contains about 2.7g of protein per 100g, Ciao Carb rice contains 30g of protein per 100g, making it 15 times more protein-rich than normal rice. It is an excellent product for athletes, vegetarians and vegans, people who are fasting, and anyone else who wants to enjoy a high-protein, low-carb alternative to regular rice.

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