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CiaoCarb: Enjoy your favourite foods, guilt-free!

Are you watching your diet, or looking to lose some extra pounds, but finding it difficult to deprive yourself of your favorite, "forbidden" foods? Symmetria has the solution for you. CiaoCarb is an innovative Italian company that produces a variety of alternative foods that are low-carb, with no added sugar. CiaoCarb's list of innovative products includes pasta, biscuits, chocolate and rice, among other foods, all of which are made from a combination of protein and fibre. Moreover, CiaoCarb also has a product line that is aimed at athletes, with a particular emphasis on protein content.

So, whether your goal is weight loss, better athletic performance, or better overall health and wellbeing, you can now enjoy your favorite foods guilt-free, as these products offer an improved nutrient composition. Find out about the CiaoCarb options available to you, and purchase the products you are interested in, by getting in touch with us on 210 6745555, or by completing the following contact form:

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