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Diet to boost your immune system

Scientific data to date highlight the great importance of diet and lifestyle in strengthening our immune system and protecting the body from morbidity. In addition to this, several studies suggest that body weight and metabolic health play a role even in the outcome of COVID-19.

In this context, over the past few months, SYMMETRIA has created a new diet protocol that aims to boost the immune system through nutrition. Everyone who is interested must go through a complete health checkevaluation of lifestyle and habits, before the clinical dietitian-nutritionist plans their personalised diet programme.

Nutritional interventions are based on the individual’s metabolic profile and aim to achieve a healthy body weight, as well as good nutrition and strengthening the immune system.

The programme begins with a 45-minute session that can be carried out online or in person. This is followed by 30-minute sessions every 7 or 14 days.

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