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Diet & Wellness Coaching

In recent few years, there has been a rapid increase in obesity and autoimmune diseases in modern societies – a result of today’s lifestyle characterized by reduced physical activity, increased consumption of processed foods, decreased consumption of natural products, and heightened stress levels.

Based on all of the above, Symmetria has created an innovative programme to solve the problem of weight management and improve wellness and general health, by using the latest medical, nutritional, biochemical and sports data. Through our new diet & wellness coaching programmes, you can receive a complete programme from Symmetria’s specialist physician and clinical dietician, where your health is monitored without you having to interact with multiple healthcare professionals.

Meetings are held in specially designated areas, allowing for interaction between the customer, doctor and dietician, resulting in a tailor-made programme. During your initial appointments, the specialist physician will complete a full medical examination, biochemical and blood test assessment, and in some cases may request further examinations. Following this, the dietician will take measure metabolism, body composition, and, in cooperation with the doctor, will select the most appropriate diet programme.

If you are concerned about losing weight, lack of energy, a weak immune system or an autoimmune disease, try combining modern medicine with this alternative nutritional approach, exclusively offered by Symmetria.

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