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Diet with on-line monitoring to boost immune system

New data on global health impose new lifestyle habits. Combined with the demands of modern life, the provision of distance services is becoming increasingly popular.

In this context, SYMMETRIA gives its members the opportunity to implement a new remote nutrition program, which includes complete dietary monitoring from the home or workplace of each person interested.

Each interested client goes through a comprehensive health, lifestyle, and lifestyle assessment before SYMMETRIA's clinical nutritionist-dietician designs a personalized diet and weight management program.

Dietary interventions are based on one’s metabolic profile and are aimed at achieving immediate weight loss as well as good nutrition and a boosting of the immune system.

The program starts with a 30-45 minute clinical nutrition session via an on-line platform. A diet is sent to you each week, and every second week you have a 30-minute online session with your dietician. With this program you can communicate directly with your appointed nutritionist via e-mail.

The 8-week program includes:

  • A weekly diet plan sent every week for 8 weeks
  • 4 online nutrition sessions

Price starts from €40 per session or €150 for a 2 month program

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