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Face autoimmune diseases with the Health & Wellness Coaching programmes

The term autoimmune disease refers to the cases where the immune cells turn against other, healthy cells of the same organism. This can lead to a variety of clinical manifestations, ultimately causing diseases such as diabetes type II, psoriasis, celiac disease, thyroid disease, and other autoimmune diseases.

In the 21st century, the prevalence of autoimmune diseases appears to be higher than ever. More specifically, in Europe, 5% of the population has a diagnosed autoimmune disease, with figures reaching 10% in the cases of people who will present such a disease at some point in their life.

The doctors and dieticians at SYMMETRIA have created an innovative, holistic programme aiming to face autoimmune diseases. These programmes are carried out in the form of interdisciplinary roundtables, with contribution from relevant specialists depending on each specific case, such as a dermatologist, specialised pathologist, cardiologist and clinical dietitian.

If you are concerned about an autoimmune disease, seek advice from the specialists at SYMMETRIA.

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