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Grapes: An ancient superfood

Grapes have been an integral part of many societies, going back to ancient times to the present day, either as a fruit or as a product of it, such as wine, grape juice, or vinegar. So, what do we know about the nutritional value of grapes?

Grapes are a superfood that contain hundreds of antioxidants – including vitamin C, vitamin K and beta-carotene - which neutralize harmful free radicals generated in the body. Grapes are also an excellent snack for athletes, children, and those who are following weight loss programs.

A handful of grapes has around 60-80 calories, depending on the variety, which is a similar calorie content to other fruits that are more commonly considered to be diet-friendly choices, such as green apples and cranberries. They are also a good source of polyphenols, particularly resveratrol, which has sparked scientists’ interest due to its possible abilities to protect heart health. More specifically, it seems that this component, which can be found in the skin of the fruit, reduces "bad" cholesterol and protects vascular health. Finally, consumption of grapes can prevent the growth of cancer cells, thanks to its powerful antioxidant content, and can also help to improve cases of cognitive dysfunction.

So, add a handful of grapes to some yogurt, eat them after you exercise, add them to your children’s lunchboxes or simply include them in your diet as a healthy, daily snack, to reap the various benefits they have on the body.

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