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How to deal with holiday overeating

Changes in your diet during the holiday season are unavoidable. Daniel Kapsis, Clinical Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist, advises:

Drink water
People often confuse thirst for hunger, so the next time you feel hungry, try drinking some water first, as this helps you feel full. Aim to drink at least 1,5 times more water than you normally would. After all, many specialists advise drinking some water before every meal. Of course, if you suffer from acid reflux, this might exacerbate your symptoms.

Set reasonable goals
Our bodies usually have their own 'safe' rhythms of functioning. Set small goals, such as losing 0.5kg per week, and by the end of the month, you'll be grateful for your patience.

Eat little and often
Most people who manage to maintain their weight for years eat, on average, five times a day. Small, frequent meals curb your appetite, give you an energy boost, improve your mood and speed up your metabolism.

Don't eat on the go 
Eating while walking causes stress to your digestive system and affects the release of digestive hormones. Make a conscious decision to sit down and enjoy your meals.  

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