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How to lose summer holiday weight

Summer holidays have come to an end, leaving behind wonderful memories, but also some extra pounds.

The right diet plan will help you to achieve your desired result.

  • Organise your programme, avoid ready meals and make sure you have all the basic healthy foods in your kitchen.
  • Your breakfast should include carbohydrates (bread, fruit, wholegrain cereal), protein (eggs, cheese, turkey with olive oil) and fats (soft margarine).
  • Small, frequent meals contribute to a healthy diet.
  • Follow the protocol of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Choose healthy snacks.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Limit your intake of sweets. 

For more information or for a personalised diet programme, you can refer to SYMMETRIA’s team of nutritionists.


Incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routing, even walking, for 30-40 minutes a day.

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