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Impressive and guaranteed results with SYMMETRIA’s weight loss plan

Losing weight and the maintenance of it is a subject that affects a lot of people despite age and sex. SYMMETRIA’s medical and nutrition team handles individually every case and recommends specific protocols, achieving great results with evidence.

A fascinating example is a four member family who managed to achieve the incredible loss of 28.5 kilos in less than a month, with the Super-Fast Lipolysis protocol.

The two male adults of the famil, lost 17.5 kilos in a period of 25 days, with 12.8 kilos being BMI. The Super-FastLipolysis method uses a combination of technologies like XeroLaser, XeroNMS, XeroRF and Hypoxi.

The combination of use of the above equipment is based on SYMMETRIA’s doctors’ recommendations with each individual’s  characteristics and differences in consideration.

In the above case, technology was used aiming the abdomen due to existent android mass types. In addition they achieved a loss of 5.5 cm on their waist in the same period of time.

The female members of the family achieved similar fascinating results with an average loss of 6.8 kilos in 19 days. The difference in cm was more noticeable in the thighs and glutes with an average loss of 3.5 cm in the area.

It is necessary to mention that every family member followed a specific diet plan, including  SYMMETRIA PRO-GI™ Diet, the intermittent fasting and a diet of low carbohydrates.

They are worthy of massive congratulations all four of them, and we are expecting even better results in the near future taking into consideration that we are only in the middle of the programme.

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