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Is tequila the new diet drink?

Drinking alcohol during a period of dieting is a traditional barrier to ideal loss of body fat. This is because, not only does it add so-called "empty calories" to our diet, but it also affects our hormones, and more specifically our blood glucose levels.

However, according to the American Chemical Society, there is one alcoholc drink that has properties that differ from other drinks. This drink is tequila, which comes from the agave plant. More specifically, the agave plant contains natural sugars, known as agavins. These contain long-chain molecules, which the body finds difficult to break down, so they are not fully absorbed. At this point, it is important to note that agave syrup has been processed, and made into a more soluble form.

One benefit of agavins is that, when consumed, according to the same study, they increase the hormone GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide-1), which slows down gastric emptying, and therefore regulates insulin secretion.

In this contect, SYMMETRIA's medical team, fully understanding the negative effects associated with alcohol consumption, recommends replacing your favourite alcoholic drinks with a unit of clear, Mexican tequila. Make sure not to add any soft drinks or juice to the tequila, as this will add unwanted sugar to your drink. 

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