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Melomakarona or kourabiedes: Which Christmas sweet should you pick?

If there are two sweets that instantly remind you of Christmas, these are the melomakarona and kourabiedes.

Both sweets are a must in the holiday season however all their taste comes with a lotof calories – regardless of their deceitful, small size. Between the two, which is more nutritious and nutritionally better?

Both melomakarona and kourabiedes give us about the same calories (200 kcal, a medium-sized sweet). The nuts they contain provide us with valuable omega-3 fatty acids, B and E complex vitamins, as well as trace elements such as iron and magnesium.

Melomakarona also contain beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, due to the olive oil they contain. Kourabiedes, on the other hand, contain saturated fats (due to butter), however, according to recent reports, they do not seem to be blamed for increasing cardiovascular risk in healthy individuals.

Finally, melomakarona contain honey, while kourabiedes contain sugar, which gives them an advantage. What is certain is that consuming in moderation, i.e. not more than one dessert per day, enables even those who are on a diet plan to include them in their diet.


  • Chocolate coating on either of the two christmas sweets greatly increases their caloric load.
  • Use sweeteners such as stevia and wholemeal flour to reduce calories and increase the nutritional value of the sweet.

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