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“Sneaky” Christmas treats

As Christmas approaches, there are more and more temptations around us, with traditional Christmas sweets filling up shop windows, holiday dinner tables and many other places where they are offered as treats.

If you have already started trying Christmas treats, you might be consuming 1-2 of these sweets 3-4 times per week, and this is only going to increase as Christmas comes closer. In fact, you might be eating a sweet treat every day. A simple calculation shows that during the month of December, you might be eating 35-45 holiday treats.

If an average Christmas treat of 30g contains around 150-180 calories, you will be taking in a calorie surplus of around 5320-8100 calories. In order to lose 1kg of body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit of 7000 calories. So, even if you watch what you eat all year round, you can gain back all the weight you lost (and more) if you are not careful during Christmas.

Opt to taste the sweets that are worth trying, like something home-made or something you have never tried before. Ideally, avoid pre-packaged foods that are probably not made with the best quality ingredients, and try to balance your 'yeses' with 'nos' so that you don't deprive yourself, but you also don't end up overeating. 

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