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"The Game Changers", a worthy production about the plant-based diet

Reading the above headline may not grasp your attention at first. But we’re sure that this interesting and unconventional Netflix production will intrigue you and leave you thinking about whether or not today’s diet is truly beneficial.

We’re referring to none other than ‘The Game Changers’ ( A film that will keep you hooked, make you think, and even educate you on many myths surrounding vegetarian diets. The only thing we ask of you is to watch the film with your critical thinking hat on! 

Behind this admittedly very good production, there are various large funds with very strong interests. Unfortunately, in many cases, science is not in line with fashion and trends. If you want to prove something scientifically, it is not enough to publish a couple of surveys in low impact factor scientific journals. You need to have a sufficient volume of data so that when you are confronted with disagreement, you have the tools to reveal the truth! In this context, "The Game Changers" can certainly be considered the epitome of pseudo-science.

Is the whole film a bunch of lies? NO! Do we know if overconsumption of meat is bad for us? NO! Do we know that, by following a plat-based diet, we will live longer or perform better in sports? NO! 

These claims are all so vague and the scientific community is miles away from giving answers. Clearly there has been strong interest from the meat and dairy industries for years. But who can ignore the corn, soybean and avocado industries today?

In conclusion, if you ask for our personal opinion, we are clear that it is a given that we should all reduce our meat consumption. This does not necessarily mean that we must become vegetarian or not vegan but we should definitely have days during the week, or even periods during the year, where we stay away from meat and other animal products. In other words, using practices that we have been using for years and years, which have been seen in the past to lead to better health and longevity. Dietitians often have been blamed for this "everything in moderation" view, but at the end of the day, no matter how overused it may seem, it is still the most up-to-date piece of advice that we share.


Daniel Kapsis
Dietitian – Sports Nutritionist MSc, PhDc

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