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Turn Lent into an opportunity for detox and renewal

Fasting for Lent at the beginning of spring every year is always a great opportunity to detox. Naturally, we need to pay close attention to what we are eating, as the introduction of new foods and the sense of adopting a healthier diet for Lent involved many hidden traps.

During Lent, eat more vegetables and legumesPlant-based meals such as peas or spinach with rice are excellent ideas for nutritious, filling meals that are rich in fibre and antioxidants. For your snacks, choose fresh or dried fruit without added sugar along with some nuts or halva.  Make sure you eat avocado frequently, as it is rich in folic acid and vitamin E, and can contribute to the feeling of fullness, helping you to have healthy, nutritious meals without feeling hungry during Lent. Olive oil is also a great idea for Lent - tahini can also be used as a dressing for salads, and add a lot of flavour to your meals.

For breakfast or snack, have some wholegrain or seeded sourdough bread with raw peanut butter or hazelnut butter. Raw nut butters are excellent sources of healthy fats that boost the cardiovascular system. Another light snack could be some wholegrain bread or crackers with olive paste, tomato, oregano and capers, or with some taramasalata made with onions and walnuts.

One of the best sources of protein for Lent is seafood. Shrimps, octopus and calamari can be cooked with pasta, rice or vegetables to boost your protein intake.

In addition to tahini-based halva, other options include nut and seed bars with honey, oatcakes with honey and peanut butter, or coconut bars. Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and can help to improve the appearance of your skin. Avoid sweets that are heavy in syrup, as well as biscuits and cakes, especially if they are not home-made. If you want to make dessert at home, make sure to enrich it with nuts and seeds. Enjoy the coming of spring, boosting your body with good nutritional habits, and renew your health without much effort!

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