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SYMMETRIA invites you to take part in a new challenge by going vegan for a week. 

The vegan way of life is not just a nutritional approach, as it is gaining an increasing number of followers around the world. What does it mean to be vegan? Those who follow this lifestyle avoid all products that are directly or indirectly derived from animals (even honey is not permitted for the most hardcore vegans).

The truth is that while our consciousness about being more animal-friendly is increasing and our access to more specialised products is improving, it is still difficult for most of us to make the decision and change our diet and lifestyle. "What will I eat?" "Will I cause any damage to my health?" "Where will I find all these plant-based products?" "Will it cost me more?" These are only a few of the questions that come up when thinking about switching to a vegan lifestyle. 

Have you heard of Veganuary?  

It is an initiative that began in the UK in 2014 and reached a global level. It is a small challenge to show people what it is like to be vegan for the entire month of January. We have thought of easing you into this lifestyle through a one-week prep period. 
So, we are announcing the new “SYMMETRIA-Vegan for a week” challenge, and we invite you to follow the vegan diet for one week (11-17/10), and upload your photos and stories to share your experience and your meals on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #Veganforaweek #symmetriachallenge and #vegan

Since we are sure that you will have a lot of questions, here we answer some of the most basic ones:

Ε:Where will I find vegan recipes?

A: The amount of information that is at our fingertips is endless, thanks to the internet. There are countless recipes online or in vegan cookbooks that will capture your attention and your taste buds, with inventive ingredients and delicious flavours. Believe us, the vegan diet can satisfy even the most demanding people!

Ε: Where will I find the specialist plant-based foods?

Α: 99% of the products for a vegan diet can be found in our local super market. You have probably spotted almond milk and coconut milk in the supermarket. This week might also lead you to discover an organic food shop near you, where you will find a wealth of hidden treasures.

Ε: Is there a risk to my health?

A: A properly structured vegan diet is both healthy and can give your body a real health boost if you have the right information and guidance. Since the recommended protein allowance is 0.8g/kg of body weight, it is clear that, with the right choice of food, you won't have a problem in reaching the required amount of this macronutrient. Some plant-based foods that are rich in protein include chickpeas, quinoa, soya and tofu. Finally, don't forget that starchy foods like rice, pasta and bread also contain some protein.

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