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What are antioxidants and what are the most important foods with antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are substances which are produced from plants and contribute to the neutralization of free radicals and toxic stress that is their result. When free radicals are greater in quantity than antioxidants then the withering of cells is inevitable.

Antioxidants suspend the oxidation and are necessary for the release of energy and for the right function of immune system. Furthermore they help in improving the metabolism. The best way to neutralize free radicals is to consume food which contains antioxidants.

Antioxidant food

It contains more vitamin C than any other fruit, once it is consumed immediately after it is cut and boosts the body’s immune system against bacteria. It reduces the danger of thrombosis and assures proper digestion as well as good function of the bowels. It also helps in improving sight  due to the lutein that it consists.

They consist of Carotene- B that protects from different types of cancer, heart diseases and arthritis. Consume them boiled as they have a higher level of antioxidants than consumed raw.

It is rich in antioxidant vitamins A and C as well as Carotene-B that protects from certain types of cancer. It is also a good source of lycopene  that is another strong antioxidant that protects the cells.

Rich in fibres, minerals, vitamins and therapeutic antioxidants, they delay the appearance of age diseases like dementia.

It consists of the special antioxidant I3C that works against types of cancer related to oestrogen (breast, cervix, ovaries) and heart diseases.

Rich in vitamin A, C, E iron, potassium and antioxidants. It consists of high quantities of fibres and it has been proven that it consists of ingredients that work against cancer and heart diseases

It is famous for its therapeutic qualities as it lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, protects from cancer and also helps with asthma and fungi.

It helps in lowering bad cholesterol, protects from osteoporosis and it also soothes menopause symptoms.

It is rich in nutritious substances ,especially with lutein, which prevents eyes and heart diseases.

Grapes (red)
The antioxidants resveratrol and quercetin they consist of , work against free radicals , boost the good function of the heart and they protect from inflammations, gastric ulcers and strokes.

They are rich in lycopene, the antioxidant that protects from prostate cancer, cataract, as well as boosting brain function and the immune system. It should preferably be consumed cooked so the antioxidants can be absorbed better.

A rich source of antioxidants, helps towards the different degenerative diseases, cancer, strokes etc. Green and black tea are equally beneficial.

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