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Why you should drink a glass of tomato juice before exercising

This is probably the healthiest combination you've heard so far. But let's see why. During periods of intense exercise, our cells produce free radicals, which are capable of damaging our DNA. But fear not: one glass of tomato juice contains 15mg of lycopene. Epidemiological studies have shown that a diet containing high levels of lycopene reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer, while other studies have shown that lycopene rejuvenates the skin. Tomato juice also contains vitamins E, C and various polyphenols.

This experiment was conducted using two treatment groups under different conditions. In one group, participants were asked to cycle after consuming a glass of 150ml tomato juice on a daily basis for a period of five weeks. In the other group, researchers asked the participants to cycle without having consumed tomato juice in the last five weeks.

The results showed that tomato juice eliminated an increase in 8-oxodG, a widely used indicator that indirectly determines the extent of cell damage after exercise. In conclusion, it is good to consume a good amount of tomato juice often, both for its powerful antioxidant action and its benefits to the skin and immune system.

Research study:

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