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SYMMETRIA Honors Pride Festival with the “BE THE REAL YOU IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE” Campaign.

For this year, SYMMETRIA® has initiated the "BE THE REAL YOU IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE" campaign, which is dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ communities.

"There's no beauty without diversity & no SYMMETRIA without inclusivity", is one of the basic principles of SYMMETRIA®, in terms of people who trust it internationally and its staff.

This year 's campaign focuses on two pillars: Awareness and Education. 


SYMMETRIA® will implement and carry out a series of actions that will enhance awareness:

  • Rainbow protective masks that all staff will wear and will be offered free of charge to visitors throughout June
  • Placement of a specially designed outdoor banner in the entrance of the building to emphasize the importance of the #FeelFree and diversity
  • Creation and provision to visitors of a special non-alcoholic welcome drink inspired by Pride
  • Creation of a video that supports the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • SYMMETRIA® will adapt its logo and website banners according to the colors of the pride flag.


SYMMETRIA® will provide its members, associates and staff with the opportunity to train on issues related to the LGBTQIA+ community through: 

  • Informative material on social media
  • An electronic form with FAQs, not only to answer any questions, but also raise public awareness.


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