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7 Tips for Cancer Prevention

7 Tips for Cancer Prevention

Even though research on cancer prevention is continuously evolving, we can agree that lifestyle changes can make all the difference.


Here are 7 tips for cancer prevention:

Tabacco is a no-no: Tabacco of any kind puts you at a higher risk when it comes to cancer. Smoking is known to be linked to various forms of cancer and even second hand smoke can increase your risk of lung cancer.

Keep yourself in check: Have regular screening and self exams – early detection can seriously save lives!

Adopt a health diet: This  isn’t the cure-all solution, however it can considerably reduce your risk of developing certain cancers. The core tips are to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, maintain a healthy weight, moderately consuming alcohol and limiting processed meats. Ideally, both  men and women should adopt a Mediterranean diet that focuses mainly on plant based foods.

Physically activity: Physical activity is a must in helping you control your body weight and lower the risk of breast and colon cancer. Adults should aim for at least 30mis of exercise daily.

Sun safe: One of the most common cancers is skin cancer, which is just so easy to prevent. Simply avoid the midday sun, opt for the shade whenever possible, cover exposed areas, avoid tanning beds and make your sunscreen your best friend

Don’t be risky: Always practice safe sex unless you have other intentions, and definitely don’t ever share needles!

Get vaccinated: Visit your doctor to get the latest information on the different vaccinations regarding cancer prevention; ranging from Hepatitis B to HPV.

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