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Relaxation of the skin is a phenomenon that concerns men and women of all ages, however it has appeared as a more intense phenomenon over the years. After adulthood, the skin produces 1% less collagen, while in women in the first years after menopause, the skin loses about 25% -30% of its collagen. Also, in addition to age, sudden weight and inch loss often leads to skin relaxation.

The specially formulated Body Perfect protocol acts by targeting skin relaxation and cellulite, achieving impressive results thanks to a combination of treatments that help to treat the concern immediately and ultimately eliminate it.

Cellulite, also known as the "orange peel appearance", is not only the most common aesthetic problem, but also undoubtedly the biggest "enemy" mainly of the female sex, as 9 out of 10 women, regardless of age and body type, have it, some to a greater extent and others to a lesser extent, on their skin. It is characterized by a local increase in fat and difficult circulation of blood and lymph, which in turn lead to circulatory stasis and accumulation of water in certain areas of the body. As a result, the connective tissue loses its elasticity and the skin presents an image that looks like an orange peel. Cellulite mainly affects the buttocks, thighs, the inside of the knees, the abdomen and the arms.

SYMMETRIA® proposes the Body Perfect protocol that is individualized according to the problem as it combines a series of protocols, such as HIFU, Velashape, Radiofrequency and injectable mesotherapy, which when applied can offer impressive results in improving the appearance and texture of the skin in respect to cellulite, but also in tightening the skin.

By combining radio frequencies, infrared light, suction and mechanical pressure in the areas that show cellulite and relaxation, energy is transferred that is converted into heat, increasing the metabolism of the fat cell and shrinking it. At the same time, the production of collagen and elastin is activated, thus tightening the loose skin. Injectable mesotherapy, with targeted action, treats skin relaxation and local fat by injecting substances that block fat storage and activate lipolysis, skin tightening and cellulite into the subcutaneous tissue. Injectable mesotherapy helps to decongest and detoxify, helping to improve microcirculation and ultimately, reduce local fat whilst tightening the skin.

Of course we must not forget that treatments must be combined with a specialized diet and exercise for even better results.

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