Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®


Patient-centered pioneering, innovation and technology.


SYMMETRIA® invests in technological innovation for impressive results in antiaging, wrinkle reduction, and freckle elimination.

Always faithful to its philosophy of offering maximum anti-aging, beauty and medical wellness results, with the least possible intervention and with absolute respect for the time, demands and wishes of the patient who trust us, SYMMETRIA® uses treatment protocols that apply more modern technology, to make our lives easier. "Smart" lasers of a new generation, exclusively with the SYMMETRIA® logo, with incredible capabilities in the treatment of wrinkles and relaxation, the elimination of discoloration, reduction of body fat and hair removal, achieve their goal completely painlessly and in a fraction of the time that would be needed with machines of older technology. This translates to  visible results in fewer sessions - therefore lower costs - and of course, greater comfort!

Advanced protocols with a combination of Nd: YAG Laser, PICO Second Laser, PICO Carbon Laser, HIFU, Laser Skin Tightening and Radiofrequency technology give you the best version of yourself quickly, efficiently and economically.


It's never been so easy!


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