Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®



As part of its ongoing network expansion, SYMMETRIA® has consolidated its presence in Middle East and Europe via collaborations with partners who share common ground with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos MD, Ph.D. Priority is placed on offering the latest and most advanced health and beauty services that emphasize patient care and comfort, provision of optimal results, achieved through the latest technology and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our clinics and partners include SYMMETRIA® Athens, SYMMETRIA® SPOTs in Athens, SYMMETRIA® Bahrain, SYMMETRIA® Saudi Arabia, the distinguished Ion-Kavouni clinic in London, Praxisklinik Urania in Zurich, Instituto Javier de Benito in Barcelona, Clinique Del Mar in Antibes as well as Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso in Vouliagmeni, Athens. All partner-clinics share the same philosophy and brand values as SYMMETRIA® when it comes to services and patient care.

All partners share the same vision when it comes to innovative treatments and the latest beauty and health protocols, always placing the patient as a priority. SYMMETRIA®’s consumer-centric approach focuses on the customer. All our partners share the same consumer-centric philosophy that ensures that the customer is at the center of our clinic’s philosophy, operations, or ideas.