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Beauty Across the Ages

Fortunately, there are those who demonstrate that a woman can feel and look great regardless of age.

For many centuries, women were treated as a product with an expiration date, unlike men, who over the years acquired more charm. The harsh reality is that men are favored by nature in this area. Even today, the ideal standards of beauty for women are new, flawless faces, pressuring the female population in a frantic effort to turn back time, often resorting to excesses, which yields the opposite results. In recent decades, however, women such as one of the most famous models of the '60s, Twiggy or the ever-so-chic Vanessa Redgrave, “stick their tongue out” to the "dictatorship of the youth," proving that women can be beautiful at any age.

You may need extra beauty care if you are climbing the ladder over the age of forty, but the secret weapon of these women is not something that can be purchased from the shelves of pharmacies or created with a surgeon's scalpel. Instead, it is the confidence and the personality of women who know what they are worth and what they want. Ultimately, it is these qualities that make the difference and give that unique glow – regardless of age.

Beauty over 45

Despite being past their ‘youthful’ years, these phenomenal women are full of self-confidence, they have an eye-catching appearance and a sense of style that is an inspiration to all ages. One such case is 65-year-old Jessica Lange. After two Oscar wins and over thirty films to her credit, she still holds a sparkle that makes Hollywood gush over her thus classifying her as one of the most stunning actresses of her generation. To add, Mediterranean beauty, Isabella Rossellini, is following in the same footsteps as one of the most famous femme fatales of the European cinema scene. Rossellini, who was the face of Lancôme for fourteen years, feels beautiful at the age of 62 - enough to declare that if the fashion industry had demand for women of her age, she would happily become a model again.

Even more impressive is the slightly younger Michelle Pfeiffer, who was and still is one of the most beautiful women we admire on the big screen. Although decades have passed since her breathtaking appearance with aristocratic beauty in "Scarface," 57-year-old Pfeiffer manages to impress without being transformed into a plastic doll - as often happens in Hollywood. The same goes for 49-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker. Although she is no longer the young woman who was running through the streets of Manhattan on her vertiginous Jimmy Choos, she is still an idol for countless women around the world. Fashion photographers are constantly stalking her to capture her stylish appearances, whether they are on the red carpet or on the streets of her neighborhood. Timeless beauty can also be found in the face of the talented Angela Bassett - an excellent actress who seems far younger than her 56 years of age.

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