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Male Youth: Injectable Solutions

 Maintaining a well-groomed appearance and prolonging youthfulness is no longer an exclusively female privilege but a male affair as well. In fact, more and more men seem to embrace this notion, as they do not hesitate to leave their beauty care in the hands of specialists.

Injectable treatments

Injectable treatments and cosmetic surgeries are no longer a taboo subject for men who want a renewed their self-image. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that in 2012 there were one million surgeries conducted in America on men - a number that’s indicative of an 106% rise since 1997. The statistics also show that more and more men are looking for non-surgical options that provide results quickly and painlessly. The most popular non-invasive treatment for men is Botox, as it is the first step to regaining youth. Wrinkles are usually more dynamic and more profound compared to women, especially due to the fact that the glabellar muscles are much more developed. To boot, Botox basically reduces muscle contractions that create or deepen wrinkles. As the contractions become less intense, the muscles relax and the wrinkles disappear. Men in particular must maintain mobility in the region so as not to lose their expressiveness. Furthermore, there are other injectable treatments like Dysport, Radiesse and Sculptra aimed at smoothening wrinkles and restoring volume and youth to the face.


The choice of treatment and the expert who will conduct it requires attention and proper investigation. Make sure you contact a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who will request your full medical history and inform you on all the contraindications and expected results and will answer all your questions.

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