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Non-Invasive Youth For Men

 Men’s skis need equal care to that of women in order to maintain its resilience, firmness and youthfulness despite the fact that it is richer in collagen and elastin fibers and is 20% thicker than that of women’s. Apart from any pampering that may take place at home with specialized products, there are treatments that are applied by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for those in search of immediate solutions to their anti-aging issues and more!

The Methods

Men have approximately 15% oilier skin than women, but also tougher skin because of the frequent use of the razor. Therefore, it is essential to regularly release their skin from pollutants that clog it and make it look dull. Exfoliation, i.e. the removal of dead skin cells, is essential when it comes to showcasing healthy facial skin. Diamond microdermabrasion is a treatment that not only helps the skin to clean thoroughly and recover its smooth and shiny appearance, but it also helps improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, blemishes and any scars.

Another painless and effective method of improving the quality of the face’s skin is treating it with peeling treatments, which in small concentrations reduces cell cohesion in the stratum corneum and in turn speeds up the peeling process. They also activate the natural process of cell renewal, resulting in skin that is more smooth, shiny, compact and durable. In fact, this treatment improves skin texture dramatically by reducing fine lines, yielding brightness, correcting areas of discoloration and softening the appearance of acne scars.

Non-needle mesotherapy is an improved transdermal delivery system of traces of active substances, which eliminates the use of the needle as opposed to injectable mesotherapy. The painless procedure helps dehydrated and damaged skin significantly as it offers deep hydration, nourishment and regeneration whilst improving its vigor and tone and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and spots caused by photoaging.

The process involves the penetration of substances such as hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A and C that are applied by a specially configured microcurrent treatment to the desired area, which is cooled simultaneously by the headpiece of the machine.

As for the men who are concerned with black circles under the eyes, rest assured that they can be removed with facials or laser treatments. On the other hand, baggy eyes can be treated with surgery such as a blepharoplasty. The actually procedure involves the removal of the fat that burdens the region via an incision that is made on the lower eyelid, which lucky enough leaves no external mark or scars.

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