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How to enhance the natural glow of your skin

We are going through a period in time in which we can avoid applying make-up, as it can intensify skin problems due to the regular use of a mask. Regardless, there are a plethora of ways to keep skin radiant with the following beauty tips:

To remove dead cells and rejuvenate skin, exfoliatiate for instant results and smoother looking skin. Try the Dr. Age Micro-Dermabrasion Soft Face Peel, which thanks its combination of active ingredients, cleanses the skin, improves texture and dullness gives brightness and extra shine.

After exfoliation, apply the Dr. Age Microlift Face Ampoules, which form a protective barrier that locks in moisture and gives a lifting effect to the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid that contributes to skin elasticity and hydration.

Do not forget to exfoliate the lip area with a toothbrush so  as to stimulate blood circulation. Conclude the process with a rich lip balm to lock in hydration.

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