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Saggy Knee

Saggy Knee

Starting price from 750.00€

All protocols are customizable. Costs vary according to the tailormade needs of each patient.

An innovative protocol that stimulates your own body’s collagen to create skin tightening and lifting and achieve a nice aesthetic result of thin and firm knees.


60mins average


topical anesthetic cream (optional)


minimally invasive


immediate return to daily routine

  • Skin tightening of knees
  • Thin and firm knees
  • Long lasting with some results lasting up to 2 years

A new protocol to combat skin laxity of the knees by combining two treatments at the same time: The Thread Body Microlift using absorbable PDO threads and injectable mesotherapy. The PDO threads, which are thinner than hair, are inserted into the appropriate layer of knees’ skin with a needle, which is removed once the threads have been positioned. The absorbable PDO threads create an interior matrix under the skin, which causes an inflammatory reaction, thus attracting platelets and neutrophils, which stimulate fibroblasts and monocytes. Hence, what they accomplish is angiogenesis, and collagen and elastin production. On the other hand, injectable mesotherapy contributes to inch loss, treats epidermal skin relaxation and improves the appearance and texture of the skin to get optimal results.

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