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Hollywood Lips Revealed

Hollywood stars have built their careers with their killer smiles and beauties of the modeling world – and we’re thinking Georgia May Jagger in specific –have booked entire contracts only for their lips. Just before you get caught up in the mistletoe drama of the season, we present to you the must-do tips for luscious lips.

Less is the new more

The truth is that all women want full lips, but a good plastic surgeon has the following rule: less is the new more. "In many cases, I prefer to inject less than the necessary dose of hyaluronic acid for the first time round and correct any areas that need an extra dose on the next session," insists Evangelos Keramidas. "Hyaluronic acid has the advantage that it is absorbed, but within the first few days – as the aftermath of swelling kicks in - large doses may lead to the opposite results. When it comes to the lips and plastic surgery in general, it’s all about taking your time and acting with moderation. Of course, besides the materials being used, what’s also critical are the points that will be injected, which is different for everyone as it depends on the movement of the lips and the corrections that need to be made." The injection of hyaluronic acid is usually performed in the medical office with the simple use of an anesthetic cream. In most cases it is sufficient, otherwise, there is the possibility for a dental anesthetic that creates a transient paralysis. Apart from the limited swelling of the first days after absorption, there are no other side effects.

Kissable lips

The most important element following lip surgery is the sensation produced after treatment. Many women complain about stiffness in the upper lip area. "This was a core characteristic of silicone," says Evangelos Keramidas. "If it appears in hyaluronic acid as well, then that is down to misuse of the material. A plastic surgeon knows how much and what points need to be injected so that the results are natural, not only in appearance but also to the touch." This is the advantage of hyaluronic acid since it is an absorbable material that is compatible with the body. In fact, because it has been used for many years, its security is guaranteed. It can therefore be applied as many times as the plastic surgeon feels necessary, however in logical doses, even though they become less and less as time goes by seeing as scar tissue will replace the need for volume.

Trends of the season

Fiery red: After years of minimalism and nude shades, make-up artists are returning to the bright fleshy lips of the 50s. This is the year of red, from cooler burgundy shades to fiery red, combined with a naked face and minimal eye shadow on the eyes. A good idea is to have a facial and get your teeth whitened. Be ware of over the top tones. Red lipsticks have blue impurities thereby reflecting a yellow tint on the teeth.

Matte vs. wet lips: This year it’s about both. Matte is ideal when it comes to shades and liquid lacquers especially in lighter tones starting from the softest pink colors. A good technique for a matte finish is, after applying lipstick, to gently pat an eye shadow shade in the same color with a clean brush. Allow it to get absorb and then dab on top with paper.

Tattoo effect: Make-up artists are reviving a secret from Hollywood stars of the 50s: Apply lipstick in the center and then smoothen it out towards the edges using your fingers so as to create a tattoo effect.

Nutrition: Without the necessary moisture, even the fullest lips could lose their volume. Victoria Beckham uses the Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm by Elizabeth Arden on a daily basis, but an equally effective alternative is the Antioxidant Lip Repair of SkinCeuticals Vitamin E that can be applied every night before bedtime yielding luscious lips in the morning.

The lips of the stars

In the 90s, Angelina Jolie was the ‘it’ celebrity that women would use as a representative photograph of what they wanted to look like when they visited their plastic surgeon. This year, the standards have shifted to wanting Adriana Lima’s sexy, fuller lips, Karlie Kloss’ smaller and playful smooch, or Charlotte Casiraghi glamorous and chic pair. The biggest lip star, however – dubbed as the new Marylin, is none other than Georgia May Jagger, who’s signed contracts exclusively for her lips and the erotic gap between her middle teeth.

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