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Tips for beach beauty & protection

We love the summer, and of course we love the sea and the sun, which make us feel relaxed and refreshed. However, exposure of our skin and hair to these summer indulgences requires a high level of protection.

The sun dries out and dehydrates the skin, while activating sebaceous glands that try to make up for the dryness. In the long term, the skin becomes more oily. SPF 30 is considered the minimum acceptable sun protection factor to use on the skin.

The lips are the most sensitive part of the face, as they don't have natural protection of sebaceous glands, and require a special product to be protected. So, for the lips and the area around the eyes, use a stick-suncream, while a cream or lotion suncream is fine for the rest of the face.
For men, the best options are spray or gel suncreams.

The amount of suncream to use, recommended by the USDA, is 2 mg/cm2. More simply, the required amount for the face should roughly correspond to 1/3 teaspoon or the size of a hazelnut.

You can also carry a hydrating water spray with you, to  spritz on your skin whenever you feel the need for some hydration.

The combination of water and UV rays also has effects on the hair, which doesn't have a natural system of protection, and therefore becomes more roughdull and particularly damaged if it has been dyed.

Special care products, sunscreens in the form of gel, oil or spray, address the specific needs of different hair types and protect them from summer-induced damage.

During the summer months, we can also replace our regular shampoo with a special shampoo with SPF. The ingredients will help our hair to regain its shine and softness, and will also help to get rid of product build-up. If we go to the beach in the morning and evening, we don't need to wash our hair twice a day. Just rinse your hair with water after your morning swim, and use shampoo in the evening. 

After shampooing, it is important to use conditioner or hair mask, regardless of hair length. As for styling products, avoid anything that has a high alcohol content, to prevent further damage.

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