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Measuring your Metabolism: A new service by Symmetria

These days, more and more people are concerned about their body weight and are becoming more informed about caloric intake. In short, calculating our calorie requirements and measuring our calorie intake can help us to figure out if we are in a caloric surplus, deficit, or balance. Estimating our caloric requirements is a commonly acceptable process that involves printed calorie counters, special applications and other means. However, calculating our actual caloric requirements is a different story. More specifically, factors such as our basal metabolic rate and activity level are usually calculated using general equations. The problem in these cases is that these equations cannot take into account the important differences between different people. 

So, in working towards its main aim of providing personalized nutritional treatments, Symmetria has integrated the Breezing metabolism tracker to its services. This is the first machine, worldwide, that can be synchronized with smart devices (smartphones and tablets) via Bluetooth to provide reliable results, quickly and easily. Breezing evaluates the volume of inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide. So, it uses the indirect calorimetry technique, which is the gold standard for the World Health Organization, the American College of Sports Medicine, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and other organizations.

This technology can benefit anyone, with no exception, particularly athletes, people who want to lose or gain weight, and pregnant women. If you feel that your diet and exercise routines are not delivering the results you are expecting, or if you want to monitor your metabolism over time, the Breezing metabolism tracker will help you to achieve your results.

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