Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®




Environmental Sustainability:

In the context of our efforts to protect the environment and in respect to our corporate social responsibility, SYMMETRIA® has developed a "paperless" environmental policy with the aim of reducing paper use and thus reducing its environmental footprint. In an effort to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, SYMMETRIA® Athens, as well as all its partners globally, invite visitors to choose the electronic services offered, thereby limiting the use of paper as much as possible. In addition, the lights in the SYMMETRIA® Athens premises will go out at 23:00 (an hour earlier) and we have also installed sensors that detect when there is sufficient daylight so as to instruct all electric lights in the building not to turn on.


Social Sustainability:

SYMMETRIA® is developing practices that benefit the company's employees, consumers, and the wider community.

On the employee side, we focus on retention and engagement strategies, including more responsive benefits such as better maternity and family benefits, flexible scheduling, and learning and development opportunities.