Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®



SYMMETRIA® is very active in organizing seminars, conferences, or smaller group presentations to promote scientific knowledge, help younger doctors with day-to-day issues and offer more knowledge to young scientists involved in the health and beauty sector.


SYMMETRIA® has organized two international Plastic Surgery Conferences under the Auspices of ISAPS (International Society of Plastic Surgeons) where renowned international speakers from around the world including Professors Tom Biggs, Foad Nahai, Paul Malcolm, Sampaio Goes, Ruth Graf, Javier de Benito, Nick Percival, Per Heden, Founder of Akademikliniken, Jan Jernbeck, Wendy Lewis, Patrick Mallucci, Ivo Pitanguy, Michelle Zocchi, Patrick Tonnard, Alex Karidis, Michel Pfulg and well-established Greek plastic surgeons including Andreas Foustanos, Apostolos Mandrekas, Vakis Kontoes, Theodore Voukidis and dermatologists including Prof. Alexandros Stratigos met to discuss the latest advances in facial rejuvenation and anti-aging.

New collaboration

A new collaboration is added to the long-term and successful course of SYMMETRIA® and the METROPOLITAN Educational Group. The development and implementation of innovative actions in the fields of training and consulting, was the basis for the initial collaboration of SYMMETRIA® and the METROPOLITAN College, to use their experience and capabilities to implement initiatives and actions for the benefit of academic and local communities.

Specifically, in the context of this new cooperation, the following will be achieved:

  • Research in the fields of health, aesthetic medicine, genetics, nutrition, medical wellness and fitness.
  • The training of health professionals.
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of their human resources and their associates.
  • The acquisition of work and research experience with internships in Greece and abroad.

Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, Ph.D, Plastic Surgeon, and founder of SYMMETRIA®, said: "SYMMETRIA® has long term experience in providing training, counseling and support to primary care providers, companies operating in the field of health, beauty, medical wellness and the modernization of the infrastructure and operation of similar spaces. The strategic commitment of the company to extroversion, innovation, reliability and quality, was the trigger for our cooperation with the Educational Group METROPOLITAN College and AKMI Group, as an additional step for further development in the field of health and beauty".

Mrs. Kalliopi Rodopoulou, Managing Director of the METROPOLITAN - AKMI Educational Group, added: "The METROPOLITAN - AKMI Educational Group which offers studies of excellence in collaboration with distinguished international universities and pioneers in vocational education and training for the last 50 years, now cooperates with SYMMETRIA®, which stands out for providing high levels of health and beauty services. This collaboration gives our Educational Group an additional advantage in the promotion and transmission of knowledge through research and teaching with innovative methods, while strengthening the connection of students with the labor market and contributes to the training and development of specialized human resources.