Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®



Teamwork is a core value in SYMMETRIA®. Leading healthcare professionals work together as a team to improve patient care.


SYMMETRIA® has brought together leading physicians of a strong academic background as well as health specialists with outstanding expertise in the field of aesthetic treatments for face and body, weight management and medical wellness. All our collaborating physicians are aware of the latest technology and have experience in the fields of plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments as well as weight management and medical well-being. Based on their continuous scientific updating, SYMMETRIA®’s medical and beauty experts offer you answers to your questions as well as professional advice based on their scientific knowledge, all whilst providing you with a high level of service.

The SYMMETRIA® team extends to more than just doctors and health and beauty experts present on our premises. SYMMETRIA® would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the countless contributors that have acted as steppingstones over the years to make it to where we are today. Our team is all about the visions, dreams, aspirations and loyalty from those that have (and continue to) support the SYMMETRIA® brand.