Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®




Our philosophy is "Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect® ”, an operational model whereby optimum results are achieved through alternative and less invasive options. Nowadays, less invasive methods with minimal recovery time and highly effective results are most wanted and that’s the key to attracting and maintaining happy and loyal customers. We focus on providing a holistic approach that deals with each person’s individual needs and place emphasis on treatments that quickly, efficiently, and painlessly correct the signs of aging.


The term, “Minimum Intervention- Maximum Effect® ” reflects SYMMETRIA®’s philosophy as a brand. We believe that less is more and that minimal intervention methods that are less invasive should be taken to achieve optimum results, whereby patients are then able to achieve that level of perfection that they seek.

Dr. Metaxotos’ years of running a successful practice led to the development of his very own operational model, which he dubbed as the “Minimum Intervention - Maximum Effect® ” philosophy.

In essence, this philosophy is based on the notion that “less is more”. It is all about narrowing your focus and allowing you to emphasize on quality and progress to achieve greater impact.

So how does the “Minimum Intervention- Maximum Effect”® philosophy apply in plastic surgery?

Minimally-invasive plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are quick, effective, pain-free, with no scaring, no downtime, no risks, lasting results, and cost-effective. This means that we adhere to minimally invasive solutions as a means of providing the most natural and reliable results. Our philosophy extends into the look and feel of our practice meaning that everything has been designed with minimal aesthetics but in an impressionable and practical manner to create the strongest impact.