Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®




Awarded Excellence

SYMMETRIA® has been awarded with a significant number of highest awards, among them the Best Clinic Award, the European Quality Award, The Best Medical Practice Award and the Gold Medical Beauty Award. From 2005 to date, SYMMETRIA® has been offering excellent levels of service, innovative scientific approach and pioneering technology, always conducted by experts and with complete respect to every visitor. It is these principles that have been kept over the years that allow SYMMETRIA® to continue receiving awards and international recognition.

Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, Ph.D stated: "I am incredibly proud that SYMMETRIA stands out and is being awarded for the high quality of innovative protocols that it offers. This is proof that the “Minimum Intervention - Maximum Effect”® philosophy and our medical approach to aesthetics do in fact yield the best results, which is why they are so popular."


Dr. Metaxotos’ years of running a successful practice led to the development of his very own operational model, which he dubbed as the “Minimum Intervention - Maximum Effect”® philosophy.

In essence, this philosophy is based on the notion that “less is more”. It is all about narrowing your focus and allowing you to emphasize on quality and progress to achieve greater impact.

So how does the “Minimum Intervention- Maximum Effect”® philosophy apply in plastic surgery?

Minimally invasive plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are quick, effective, pain free, with no scaring, no downtime, no risks, lasting results and cost effective. This means that we adhere to minimally invasive solutions as a means of providing the most natural and reliable results. Our philosophy extends into the look and feel of our practice meaning that everything has been designed with minimal aesthetics however in an impressionable and practical manner to create the strongest impact.


International Prize for Excellence in Quality 2023

SYMMETRIA®, alongside the Onassis Cardiac Center & the University of Patras, won yet another international distinction, this time in Brussels, for its quality of services in healthcare. 

Most Innovative Brand-Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

SYMMETRIA® has received the "Most Innovative Brand - Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Treatments 2022" award as part of the Global Excellence Awards of the AI Global Media publishing house, with a presence in over 170 countries.

SARS-CoV-2 Client Safety

SYMMETRIA® & Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, Ph.D, received the Gold Award for the initiative to design the safety measures and regulations that should be followed by staff, customers and visitors, as a means of adapting to the new normal of the post COVID era.  


Best Clinic with International Expansion

SYMMETRIA®, as an international center for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, won the gold award in the context of the Medical Beauty Awards 2021. This distinction comes once again to reward the successful presence of SYMMETRIA® internationally.


Original Design of Advanced Cosmetic Center

Bronze award in the "Health" category of the Interiors Awards. This distinction rewards the innovative design of SYMMETRIA®'s spaces, which effectively maintain a balance between high aesthetics and functionality, providing the visitor with a complete experience that appeals to all five senses. The award was accepted by interior designer George Efthimiou, who undertook the recent renovation of SYMMETRIA®'s premises, in an ongoing effort to upgrade an already excellent space.


The Medical LiveWire Global Award

An international recognition for the world’s leading medical professionals. The judging panel  considers the strengths of each shortlisted candidate, setting its sights firmly on the most ground breaking firms, teams and individuals who have transformed the global medical industry.


European Quality Award

This is yet another recognition of the high quality services and exemplary medical practices applied at SYMMETRIA® by the independent organization Europe Business Assembly. 


Best Medical Practice Award

An academic award granted by the European Medical Association, an independent non-profit organisation, based in Brussels. The award was offerd for the high level of SYMMETRIA®'s medical services. 


Best Clinic Award

A reward for the excellent level of services and modern scientific methods and technologies applied at SYMMETRIA® by The European Business Assembly, an independent body established in Oxford, UK, in 2000. The relevant department of the European Business Assembly does its research, analysis and assessment of professionals and companies, and makes the final decisions on the awards with full accountability and transparency.