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SYMMETRIA's creative collaborations

Creative collaborations aim at offering better quality of services at a better value. SYMMETRIA is collaborating with three mega brands for better health, antiaging and medical well-being services. Together, these brands share their experience and capabilities to implement initiatives and actions for the benefit of the consumers.


Dr. Age

Dr.Age is a global skin health brand whose skincare incorporates high-efficacy ingredients that further develop innovative products and treatments.Its philosophy is based on “The Rule of Thirds”, which stems from how plastic surgeons analyze your face. Hence, the brand’s differentiation point lies in its conception of hyper-targeting in terms of addressing each third of the face in a precise way to achieve optimal results as well as complement aesthetic procedures and treatments.

Dr.Age’s commitment to clean beauty means no compromises in terms of quality and efficacy. The brand’s objective was not to simply avoid “bad” ingredients but narrow down on how to achieve efficacy and performance with clean ingredients.

All of the products are paraben and GMO free and have not been tested on animals. Almost all the products are vegan.

To boot, all packaging, primary and secondary is recyclable and the paper mill we use for our packaging has been certified with the FSC Chain of Custody sustainable forest management standard.

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Bioiatriki Healthcare Group

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group was founded in 1981 with the vision to bring equal access to high quality healthcare services to everyone. Since then, it is their everyday mission to look after each person’s special health needs.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group is today the leading privately-owned Primary Healthcare Services provider in Greece, consisting of 70 autonomous Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus, 2 Clinics in Athens and Thessaloniki, 1 International Patient Center, 7 Dental Clinics, 1 Nutrition & Fitness Center and 1 Dermatological Center.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group develops, innovates and becomes better each and every day.

Some interesting stats:
- More than 3.000.000 visits per year
- 3.000 highly-qualified employees, 700 of which are specialized doctors and scientists
- 45.000.000€ Investment in technological & medical equipment
- more than 450.000 people benefited from CSR programs

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METROPOLITAN-AKMI Educational group

Having made the largest investment (of an educational group in Greece) in study programs, academic staff and building infrastructure, the Metropolitan College and IEK AKMI, are the leading organization in international university studies and vocational education and training.

The Metropolitan College is the largest College of University Studies in Greece and is the first choice in private higher education. It has 10 Academic Schools, 8 state-of-the-art campuses, 30 certifications from international bodies and organizations and offers more than 70 recognized bachelors, masters and doctorates, in collaboration with 7 leading International Universities. In addition, it is the only College in Greece, which is a member of the International Network of Universities Compostela Group of Universities. Membership in this network offers international academic recognition and networking with leading Universities around the world. The university study programs offered at the Metropolitan College cover a wide range of modern scientific fields, including Health Sciences, such as Biomedicine, Medical Genetics, Dietetics and Nursing.

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Nephroxenia Dialysis Centers

Nephroxenia Dialysis Centers are designed specifically around the requirements of a modern kidney patient.

As a dialysis center, they are on the mission of delivering excellent medical care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Total Renal Failure through innovative and efficient programs, the latest technology, modern - top of the line - HaemoDialysis equipment and a warm yet professional customer service.

In a nutshell, Nephroxenia are new generation Dialysis Centers, built from the ground up to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction while ensuring the utmost safety and improved health.

In collaboration with SYMMETRIA, they aim to:

  • Plan and promotion integrated programs of medical wellness services and healthy weight regulation for patients with chronic renal failure.
  • Develop and implement innovative actions related to health tourism in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Focus on health research for better living for patients with chronic kidney failure.
  • Train professionals and offer work and research experience with internships in Greece and abroad.

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SYMMETRIA® has partnered with in an effort to elevate your sensorial experience at SYMMETRIA®. You can now listen to an audio book of your choice or customize your profile to download your favorite audiobooks from a vast range of options, and enjoy this acoustic experience whilst getting your favorite treatment at SYMMETRIA®. Our staff will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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Fitness Meals

SYMMETRIA® has partnered with Fitness Meals in order to help make the diet and nutritional process of our clients easier. Via this partnership, the Dietician & Nutritionist helps devise a meal plan based on metabolism and nutritional tests conducted, all whilst guiding you through the Fitness Meal platform to help order your meals at home. 


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