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A circle is a shape consisting of all points in a plane that are at a given distance from a given point, the center.


Symmetria is offering an innovative loyalty program. All SYMMETRIA fans who visit the premises or buy online products from the can become member of The Circle. For every purchase or transaction, you will earn points that you will be able to redeem against treatments, protocols, and products. Be the first to hear about new treatments. Enjoy exclusive offers and extra privileges such as discounts, concierge services and priority booking.

SYMMETRIA has just launched its latest prepaid subscription program as a value-for-money beauty solution.

By categorizing visitors into Young & Wise (18-25 year olds) and Prime-q Month (25+), SYMMETRIA is able to provide the possibility of applying one of the following treatments, in addition to 10% discount on all subsequent protocols chosen as well as the purchase of products from for the specific period.

Is this for me?

Visitors who are interested in this prepaid subscription program are those who seek regular treatments for their face but also want to enjoy the benefits of a prepaid program in terms of spend and beauty maintenance products.

Benefits recap:

  • 1 treatment of your choice from Table I per month at a fixed price
  • 10% discount on all additional protocols that you may choose from the list.
  • 10% discount for the purchase of products from for the specific period.

For more information please contact:

Tel: +30 210 6745555