Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect®




SYMMETRIA® has launched the first “SYMMETRIA SPOT”, once again disrupting the standards of the health & beauty sector. This new concept consists of flexible spaces that offer health, beauty, antiaging, weight management and medical wellness services with top-tier services and a complete care experience that SYMMETRIA® is known to offer. The design of the services has been made with the aim of targeted, brief and technologically advanced treatments for the face & body, at a cost accessible to the average consumer interested in “value for money” solutions in a completely safe environment.

SYMMETRIA® Spot Athens

SYMMETRIA® SPOTs, inspired by the habits of post-millennials, can attract and meet the needs of any age group, since we all now follow the trends of post-millennials. With technology as an ally and in a digitalized era where most needs and demands are now being met by online platforms, online sessions, communication with the consumer only through text messages and apps., and upgraded technological equipment, give a significant edge when it comes to adapting to the new data.

The first SYMMETRIA® Spot opened in collaboration with BIOIATRIKI – a top-tier primary health services provider, in the luxurious 6th floor with Acropolis view premises of BIOIATRIKI in Ampelokipoi.

These new spaces that are starting to operate apply SYMMETRΙΑ®protocols for the face and body by using cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with production units abroad, in order to meet SYMMETRIA®’s philosophy of "Minimum Intervention-Maximum Effect®. The scientific team surrounding SYMMETRIA® SPOT is trained in SYMMETRIA® to provide 7-star services at extremely affordable prices.

The smart design of the spaces is implemented in smaller spaces in central locations in large cities, where access is available to all with the discretion required and without wasting time.

SYMMETRIA® Spot Athens strategically offers a selection of the most popular and result-driven services regarding anti-aging, health & beauty services for the face & body. 


In specific we offer:





132, Kifisias ave., Vioiatriki 6th floor

Athens, 115 26 Greece